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Our lab is located at the North Florida Research and Education Center of the University of Florida at Quincy, FL. This website has been designed as part of our extension program on vegetable and ornamental crops. We serve growers in Florida and adjoining areas of Georgia and Alabama.

We run one of the four plant diagnostic clinics in the state of Florida, which is part of the Southern and Florida Plant Diagnostic Network (SPDN, FPDN). Our lab is actively involved with Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) and Distance Diagnostic and Identification System (DDIS) of the University of Florida.

Our conceptual U-scout extension program through this website includes a plant disease DATABASE, plant disease BLOG, plant disease WATCH, plant disease management TUTOR, and a plant disease PUBS section.

The goal of this interactive website is to routinely inform, and train extension agents on disease management of vegetables and ornamentals through this extension platform. This website will serve as an interface between our lab and extension agents in Florida.

The U-scout program is a joint collaboration between the Department of Plant Pathology and North Florida Research and Education Center, of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida. This website is created with funding from the the office of the Dean for Extension, Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences.


welcome to the U-scout program of the University of Florida

Mathews L. Paret

Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology

Dept. of Plant Pathology, University of Florida

North Florida Research and Education Center

155 Research Road, Quincy, FL-32351

850-875-7154 (office)

850-875-7188 (fax)


Hank Dankers, Plant Disease Diagnostician

Laura Ritchie, Biological Scientist

Charlene Cupp Kinch, Web support

Extension collaborations:

Josh Freeman, Asst Professor, Horticulture, UF

Steve Olson, Professor, Horticulture, UF

Gary Knox, Professor, Horticulture, UF

Bob Hochmuth, Multi county Ext Agent, UF

Rob Trawick, Hort Agent, Jackson County

Matt Orwat, Hort Agent, Washington County

Student support, Doctor of Plant Medicine:

Kenneth L Johnson II

Pathogen of the month
Rose Rosette VirusRose/Pages/Rose_Rosette.html