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List of methodologies used in pathogen diagnosis in our lab:

For each sample submitted to our lab, we use a set of detection methods rather than a single method to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate

Oomycete: Symptoms, culturing on artificial media, oomycete morphology, microscopy, DNA-based assays

Fungi: Symptoms, culturing on artificial media, fungal morphology, microscopy, DNA-based assays

Bacteria: Symptoms, bacterial ooze tests, culturing on artificial media, colony morphology, biochemical assays, antibody-based assays, and DNA-based assays

Viruses: Symptoms, staining for virus inclusion bodies, antibody based assays, and DNA and RNA-based assays

Abiotic issues: Symptoms and previous descriptions

For new pathogens: In addition to the methods above, tests including Pathogenicity test and Hypersensitive response (HR) test may be conducted

Plant Disease Diagnosis Sample Submission Form (Click on the form below)Submit_a_sample_files/PDDC_form-2013.pdf