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North Florida Research And Education Center

North Florida Research And Education Center

Dr. Blount, Ann

Professor, Forage Breeding and Genetics

My appointment is 70% Research and 30% Extension.

Selected Germplasm and Varieties Developed:

Cultivars and Germplasm Releases (Total: 78 developed or co-developed)

Small Grains: 24 cultivars, 2 germplasm

Bahiagrass: 1 cultivar, 2 germplasm

Perennial peanut: 3 cultivars, 2 germplasm

Limpograss: 2 cultivars

Ryegrass: 34 cultivars

Soybean: 1 cultivar, 1 germplasm

Red clover: 3 cultivars

White clover: 1 cultivar

Selected Plant Variety Protection (PVP) and Plant Patents:

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) FL0567 Oat (Legend 567) (2015). A.R. Blount, R.D. Barnett, C.L. Mackowiak, and J.C. Jones

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Earlyploid ryegrass (2013). A.R. Blount, G.M. Prine, C.L. Mackowiak, J.C. Jones, K.E. Kenworthy, and P.E. Reith

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) UF-Riata bahiagrass (2013). A.R. Blount, P. Mislevy, T.R. Sinclair, and K.H. Quesenberry

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) received on Horizon 201 oat (2009). A.R. Blount and R.D. Barnett.

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) received on Horizon 321 Oat, 2006. A.R. Blount, R.D. Barnett, J.W. Johnson, P.L. Pfahler, B.M. Cunfer, and G.D. Buntin.

  • Research

    Dr Blount’s research in breeding efforts focus on physiological aspects (i.e. photoperiod and cold response) of fall-season forage production and complimentary disease, insect and nematode resistances to allow the forages to be productive outside normal growing seasons. The major forage crop effort in the program is breeding improvement in bahiagrass, Paspalum notatum, and evaluation of new introductions of perennial peanut, Arachis glabrata. Cultivar development and evaluation of other forage species (i.e. limpograss, small grains, ryegrass, clover and bermudagrass) is part of a collaborative effort with state and regional plant breeding programs to adapt new forages to the southern Coastal Plain and Peninsular Florida.

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  • Extension

    Dr Blount's Extension responsibilities include educational programming and written works on forage selection and management practices for county faculty and producers within the tri-state area of FL, AL and GA. This program supports extension faculty through EDIS publications, in-service training, field days and producer-based meetings addressing local and regional concerns.

    To review publications please use the Extension link provided under the Publications dropdown located on the right side of my page.

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Dr. Blount, Ann
Professor, Forage Breeding and Genetics
155 Research Rd.
Quincy, FL 32351
Phone: 850-875-7125
Fax: 352-846-6617

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Plant Breeding & Genetics, University of Florida, 1984
      Minor: Soil Microbiology and Nematology
    • M.S. Major: Crop Ecology (Forages, University of Florida, 1980
      Minor: Soil Microbiology and Nematology
    • B.S. Crop Science, Texas A&M University, 1978
  • Publications



  • Professional Experience, Service and Awards


    • 1980-84       Graduate Assistant         Agronomy Department University of Florida
    • 1984-88       Research Associate         Agronomy Department USDA-ARS
    • 1988-98       Biological Scientist          North FL Research and Education Center-University of Florida

      Membership and activities in the profession:

    • American Society of Agronomy, member (1978-present)
    • American Society of Agronomy-C456 NCCPB Genetics and Plant Breeding AwardCommittee, member (2003-2005)
    • Crop Science Society of America, member (1978-present)
    • Crop Science Society of America K-12 Committee, member (2010-present)
    • USDA-ARS Crop Germplasm Advisory Committee (CGC)-Grasses
    • Representative, (2000-2016) (Warm-season grasses)
    • Chair-elect (2009-2012)
    • Chairman (2012-2019)
    • AOSCA, National Grass Variety Review Board, CSSA
    • Alternate representative (2009-2011, 2016-2018)
    • Liaison representative (2012-2014, 2018-present)
    • Southern Pastures and Forage Crop Improvement Conference (SPFCIC)
      Chairman (2007) and Co-Chair (2015)
    • Forage Breeder’s Workshop, Chairman (2003-2004)
    • Forage Breeder’s Workshop, Chair-elect (2009-2010)
    • Forage Breeder’s Workshop Secretary (2001-2002)
    • Executive Committee Member (2002-present)
    • Forage Breeder’s Workshop, Program Chairman (2001-2012)
    • Southern Seed Certification Association, member (2015-present)
    • Gamma Sigma Delta, member
    • Alpha Zeta, member
    • American Forage and Grassland Council, member
    • Perennial Peanut Producers Association, member
    • National Cattlemen’s Association, member

    • Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida (1978-terminated)
    • Chairman, Audit Committee (2002)
    • Member, Audit Committee (1999-2002)
    • Chairman, Graduate Student Forum Committee (2002)
    • Member, Graduate Student Forum Committee (2000-2002)
    • Florida Soybean Producers Association, member
    • Florida Cattlemen’s Association, Research and Education Committee member (2005-present)

      Agronomy Department:
    • Chairperson, Crop Germplasm Exploration Committee (2008-2009)
    • Cultivar Release Advisory Committee (2000-present)
    • Member Forage Cultivar Release Advisory Committee (present)
    • Member Environmental Horticultural Cultivar Release Advisory Committee (present)
    • Member, Red Clover Cultivar Release Advisory Committee
    • Member, Annual Ryegrass Cultivar Release Advisory Committee
    • Member, Peanut Cultivar Release Advisory Committee
    • Member, Perennial Peanut Cultivar Release Advisory Committee
    • Member, White Clover Cultivar Release Advisory Committee

    • Faculty Advisory Committee, member (2015)
    • Awards Committee, Chair (2009)
    • Steering Committee for clientele advisory committee on Livestock, Row Crop, Forestry and Forages, member
    • Faculty Advisory Committee, member (2010-2012)
    • Greenhouse Advisory Committee, member (2005-present)
    • Land Use Committee, member (2005-present)
    • Beef and Forage working group, NFREC-Marianna (2004-present)

    • Northeast Florida Beef and Forage Advisory Group Team-member (2005-present)
    • Northwest Florida Beef and Forage PIT extension Team-member (2005-present)

    • Kiwanis, member (1992-present). President, Greensboro Florida Kiwanis Chapter (2008-2009, 2009-2010) and Secretary (2011-2017)


    • Woman of the Year in Florida Agriculture, Florida Department of Agriculture-2018

    • State Extension Specialist Award, University of Florida-IFAS-Extension-2014

    • Researcher of the Year Award, Florida Cattlemen’s Association-2009

    • Soybean Research Award, Florida Soybean Association-1996

  • Graduate Students Supervised/Member

    11 Ph.D. students and 12 Masters students