Dr. David L. Wright


I am a Professor in the Agronomy Department at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education Center.   My duties as an extension specialist (65% FTE) include development and delivery of information to support county faculty and their clientele in agronomy in crop production and management.  Research (35% FTE) provides information for county faculty and agricultural industry on agronomic crops with a major focus on conservation technology production of peanuts, cotton, corn, soybean, small grains, and oil seed crops.  Present projects include developing and delivering a non-edible oilseed crop (Brassica carinata) as a “drop in” fuel for farm and military use that fits current farming systems; developing and delivering management strategies and germplasm material for control of Asian soybean rust; developing and delivering management strategies for control of Fusarium hardlock of cotton; and developing and delivering the next advancement in conservation farming technology in a national/international project integrating livestock into conservation cropping systems.  This project has the realistic goal of reducing water, pesticide, and fertilizer use by 50-70% while increasing yields and profits, reducing risks and sequesting carbon.  All projects have a strong interdisciplinary perspective and incorporate systems level strategies and objectives to develop viable farm production systems which has led to speaking engagements to conservation and innovator groups of farmers and industry leaders around the country and the world with partnerships including Coca Cola, World Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, National Resource Conservation Service and other groups dedicated to conservation and sustainability.

An integral part of my extension and research program is the training of graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and visiting scientists.  Lectures and seminars are given on campus so that students and faculty are familiar with our programs.



Integrated Row Crop/Livestock Conservation Cropping Systems Management