Dr. Jose Dubeux

Associate Professor

Office Location: Marianna, FL.

Dr. Jose Dubeux joined the North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC) – in September, 2013. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (1990), his MS in Animal Science from the same University (1995), and his PhD in Agronomy from the University of Florida (2005). His appointment is 70% research and 30% extension. Dr. Dubeux has expertise in pasture/forage management, with focus in nutrient cycling in forage production systems. His focus will be to reduce off-farm inputs in forage production systems of Florida, targeting specifically reduction of N fertilizer application by establishing warm- and cool-season grass-legume mixtures. Dr. Dubeux will also address in his program the carbon footprint of cattle production systems in Florida, assessing C storage and greenhouse gas emissions. Long-term goal is to reduce fossil fuel inputs from fertilizer and equipment and to increase sustainability of cattle production systems.




Associate Professor — Forage Management