Dr. Peter C. Andersen

Professor - Horticultural Sciences

My research responsibilities have included the physiology, culture and management and variety evaluation of deciduous fruit and nut crops and cold-hardy citrus.  Many projects have been cooperative and interdisciplinary in nature.  Specific research emphasis during my 30 ½ years at the University of Florida has been plant-insect, plant disease and plant insect disease interactions.  Interdisciplinary research topics of high priority have included: 1) the assessment of various pests on plant processes; 2) the elucidation of physiological factors responsible for plant symptomatology, and; 3) the determination of physiological/biochemical factors associated with insect abundance, behavior and performance. Many projects have also had a natural resource or an environmental component consistent with the mandate from IFAS and from the nation to achieve sustainable systems. 

My extension program has entailed the development and dissemination of relevant information to extension faculty located throughout the state, the commercial fruit industry and to interested homeowners.  Extension and research are interrelated and interdependent as information and technology transfer is fueled by new research.  Similarly, research priorities are heavily influenced by the needs identified by extension.  Methods of information dissemination have included presentations at grower meetings, interaction with county faculty at in-service trainings, newsletter publications, field days or various meetings and letter, phone and email communications with interested parties. Many publications have been generated using the electronic data information system (EDIS) of the University of Florida.




  • University of Florida, Professor 1994-present

  • University of Florida, Associate Professor 1989-1994

  • University of Florida, Assistant Professor 1984-1989

  • Southwest Missouri State University, Research Professor 1982-1984

Professor - Horticultural Sciences