Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak


The intent of my research program is to characterize and enhance the overall quality, and especially chemical fertility, of agroeconomically important soils of the U.S. Southern Coastal Plain. Research projects include the following:

  • Developing cool-season forage options for dairies in the southeastern U.S.
  • Developing low-input groundcovers for use under photovoltaic collectors
  • Developing low-input , dwarf vegetation for Florida Department of Transportation
  • Developing an organic sod-based vegetable rotation (post-doc, Christine Bliss)
  • Integrating cattle into a sod-based crop rotation
  • Fertilization effects on Aristida development (M.S. student, Lisa)
  • Effects of silicon management on Asian Soybean Rust pathology in soybean (former M.S. student, Ernane Lemes)
  • Developing struvite precipitation methodologies to mitigate municipal wastewater phosphorus (Ph.D. student, John Hallas)
  • Using ionophore and winter grazing systems to mitigate nitrogen losses from pastures (M.S. student, Mary Maddox)

Associate Professor, Soil Nutrient Management Extension Specialist, Soil Fertility and Water Quality