Dr. Josh Freeman

Research: Methyl Bromide Alternatives

This portion of my program focuses on a systems approach of managing soil-borne pests and weeds. Many of the fumigants available today do not have the pest control spectrum that methyl bromide had. Therefore, several fumigants must be used in combination to gain better control of pests. I also focus on new plastic mulch technologies that are less permeable than previous generation films. These allow for reduced fumigant application rates while maintaining pest control efficacy. The use of grafting for fruiting vegetables has also been a research emphasis. I am investigating multiple rootstocks in tomato and watermelon in an effort to manage soil-borne pests without fumigants.

Research: Variety Evaluation

I work closely with plant breeders at the University of Florida and private industry to screen potential varieties for this area in an effort to provide growers with the most productive varieties for their operations.

Assistant Professor — Vegetable Cropping Systems