Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo

Research: Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management

My research program is based on innovative aspects of ruminant nutrition, concentrating on the mechanisms of ruminal fermentation and nutrient utilization that drive the efficiency of conversion of feed into animal protein.  Because of the significant role that forages play in the nutrition of ruminants in Florida, particularly in beef cattle, the optimization of supplementation strategies and grazing management is a key portion of my research program.  In order to remain active in such a dynamic field of research it is essential to maintain a highly collaborative research program, taking advantage of multidisciplinary approaches whenever possible.  The field of ruminant nutrition provides a prime scenario for such interdisciplinary collaboration given the convergence of disciplines such as microbiology, ecology, biochemistry, and agronomy. 

My research program involves the interface between aspects of basic and applied science, with the main objective of understanding basic aspects of ruminal fermentation that can be manipulated to enhance beef cattle performance and decrease the environmental impact.  My main research interests can be summarized as follows:

  • The development of nutritional strategies that contribute to enhance animal performance while providing an alternative to the use of antimicrobials.

  • The optimization of the use forage resources by strategic supplementation, management practices or adoption of new forage varieties or species.
  • The development of strategies (additives, management practices, etc.) that contribute to decrease the environmental impact of beef production, in particular greenhouse gas emissions.

Assistant Professor - Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management