Dr. Patrick J. Minogue


We conduct applied and basic research which supports our Extension programs that promote environmentally sound and sustainable forest management.  We strive to:

  • evaluate and improve the effectiveness of forest fertilization best management practices (BMP’s) to protect surface and ground water quality by understanding environmental fate and nutrient use efficiency;
  • protect and restore sensitive ecotypes such as bottomland hardwoods and longleaf pine savannahs through a better understanding of systems ecology;
  • improve commercial forest productivity through advances in silviculture while employing ecological principals to ensure the sustainability of timber production and other forest values;   
  • develop cultural practices and genotypes for production of short-rotation woody crops such as Eucalyptus for fiber and bioenergy;
  • determine effective integrated weed management practices for invasive plant species which threaten forest ecosystems.

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist - Silviculture