Florida Heifer Development Program

The University of Florida IFAS Extension and the North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna FL has developed the Florida Heifer Development Program that will begin the fall of 2016. Please see the program overview for dates and details for nomination. The mission of the program is to serve as a resource for cow/calf producers in the Southeastern USA to provide opportunities in education and facilitation of replacement heifer development for enhancement of sustainable beef cattle operations.

The program was designed to meet the following objectives:

1) To successfully develop beef replacement heifers for cattle producers using research-based data on nutritional and reproductive management to enhance lifetime productivity of heifers in the beef herd.

2) To provide an educational resource that exposes beef cattle producers to improved animal management techniques associated with development of replacement beef heifers and educational opportunities that focus on herd health, nutritional management, and artificial insemination.

Program Overview Presentation


Rules and Forms