Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic

Univeristy of Florida
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
North Florida Research and Education Center
155 Research Road
Quincy, FL 32351
(850) 875-7100

The NFREC Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic welcomes the submission of disease plant material, water and soil samples from the public, commercial vegetable and ornamental growers, from all North Florida counties including the city of Tallahassee and general public. We also now receive samples form out of State.

Plant material, are analyzed for plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi/oomycetes, viruses, and nematodes. Also inferences are made if we suspect phytotoxicity, freeze injury or other abiotic factors. 

Soil and water samples are analyzed mainly for detection of possible plant pathogenic fungi such as Fusarium or water molds Phytophthora and/or Pythium species.

Samples where we found insect damage will be referred to our Entomologist for diagnosis and will notify you of the results.

For tree and turf grass diseases, please submit picture(s) to the diagnostician e-mail or upload the pictures to DDIS as it is important to see the overall pattern of the symptoms in the lawn/landscape and the surrounding area to better understand the nature of the problem.

In pick times of the year, it is best to submit the sample to arrive Thursday or earlier in the week as samples that arrive Friday might have to wait for processing to the following week delaying the diagnosis.

We believe that accurate diagnosis is essential for the effective management of plant diseases that will save our clients time and money.

A written Diagnostic Reply is generated for every sample submitted to the laboratory. The Diagnostic Reply in most cases includes: causal agent, symptoms, and control recommendations for each specific case. In some cases where and when it applies, general management recommendations are given. Reports will also include a list of labeled fungicides for the specific disease and host plant in Florida.

All sample submissions must include a Sample Submission Form and payment of dianostic fees. Please indicate your main concern and all services requested on the Sample Submission Form.