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Contact Us

We solicit your feedback in two major areas: 1. Suggestions on how the site might be improved to make it easier to use and more effective, and 2. Suggestions of additional plant species suitable for inclusion in the database for recommendation to the public. Please use the email generation box below.

Our goal is to expand the breath of the site by adding to the plant lists for the focus area and to include adjacent areas to the north and south. If you are suggesting a new category of plants (menu item), individual plant cultivars of special value, or multiple plant species please include a brief description with the common and scientific names, what ecosystem services that you think it will provide and at what seasons of the year these will be available. If you have a published source for this information please include a link to it or attach a copy in pdf to your email. The authors will consider the suggested plants, and if we agree that they are appropriate to our purpose, they will be added to the database. We thank you very much for your input in advance! We will credit your input by adding your name to the credit page on this site.