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North Florida Research And Education Center

North Florida Research And Education Center

Dr. Tillman, Barry (Assistant Director)

Professor, Agronomy

Dr. Tillman's research and extension programs focus on developing improved peanut varieties and extending information about peanut production and peanut varieties to growers and other industry clientele.   

Dr. Tillman's breeding program emphasizes conventional breeding methods while conducting research to develop and incorporate more advanced genomic tools into the breeding effort. 


  • Research

    The primary goal of Dr. Tillman’s peanut breeding program is to develop and release improved peanut cultivars for the USA peanut industry.  Goals of the breeding program include improved disease resistance, pod yield, germination, and kernel grade as well as appropriate seed size.  The program works with three of the USDA market types, runner, Virginia, and Valencia with emphasis on the runner types.  Dr. Tillman collaborates with Dr. Diane Rowland on physiological traits of peanut including drought tolerance and seed germination/seedling vigor and with Dr. Jianping Wang on identifying molecular markers linked to important disease resistance such as for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and white mold.

  • Extension

    Dr. Tillman’s extension program revolves around teaching growers and allied industry representatives about the performance of peanut cultivars including their agronomic potential for pod yield and grade and their reaction to important diseases.  His program conducts peanut variety tests throughout the peanut growing regions of the state. These tests include standard small plot tests as well as one to five acre demonstration tests conducted in collaboration with county agents, researchers, and farmers in several Florida counties. 


Dr. Tillman, Barry
Professor, Agronomy
North Florida Research and Education Center
3925 Highway 71
Marianna, FL 32446
Phone: 850-526-1617
Fax: 352-846-6617

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Louisiana State University- 1991-1994
    • M.S.  Louisiana State University- 1989-1991
    • B.S.  Auburn University- 1985-1989
  • Publications