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North Florida Research And Education Center

North Florida Research And Education Center

Dr. Sudeep Singh Sidhu

Assistant Professor: Agronomy



  • Research

    Dr Singh's research focus is in the following areas:

    • Precision nutrient and water management                
    • Conservation tillage
    • Integrated crop-livestock systems                            
    • Sod-based rotation
    • Enhanced efficiency fertilizers   

      Dr. Sidhu is interested in developing system-based approaches to solve agriculture related issues or improving the overall efficiency of agricultural production systems. Dr. Sidhu is interested in adding several layers of best management practices (BMPs) and precision agricultural practices to maximize impact. Dr. Sidhu is investigating enhanced efficiency fertilizers and precision agriculture techniques to improve nutrient and water use efficiency and water quality. Dr. Sidhu’s team investigates impact of integrated crop-livestock system, sod-based rotation system, and cover crops on soil and plant health. Dr. Sidhu also investigates impact of different tillage and cultivation practices on crop yield and quality.  

  • Extension

    Dr. Sudeep's extension focus is in the following areas:

    • Training county and regional extension faculty
    • Organize field days and workshops for stakeholders
    • On-farm demonstrations for various precision agriculture techniques

    Dr. Sidhu is a lead on sod-based rotation demonstration and research site at NFREC-Quincy and integrated crop-livestock rotational study at NFREC-SV. Both these long-term sites are maintained for research and educational purposes. These sites are used for demonstrating use of drain gauge lysimeters, variable rate irrigation system, and benefits of alternate cropping systems including bahiagrass, row crops, and vegetables with and without winter cover crops and cattle grazing.

    Dr. Sidhu is also a lead on “On-farm Application of Best Management Practices: Timing, Rate, and Placement of Nutrients with Cover Cropping”. This project focuses on establishing on-farm trials at several grower locations in Florida Panhandle and North-Central Florida to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of side-dress application of nitrogen in corn and planting cover crops before harvesting corn using high clearance ‘High Boy”.

    Dr. Sidhu establishes on-farm demonstration trials for testing new and upcoming technologies for making them cost effective and practical to be used on a farm scale.

    Dr. Sidhu organizes in-service trainings for county and regional extension faculty along with field days and workshops to spread knowledge to our stakeholders.


    Corn and Cotton Variety Trials

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Dr. Sidhu, Sudeep Singh
Assistant Professor

North Florida Research and Education Center
155 Research Rd.
Quincy, FL 32351
Phone: 850-875-7119
Fax: 352-846-6617

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Crop and Soil Sciences, The University of Georgia, Aug. 2012
      Dissertation Topic: Enzymatic removal of lignin from plant materials: Potential applications

    • M.S. Soil Science (minor in Chemistry), Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India, July 2007
      Thesis Topic: Sulfur and boron interaction in soybean crop

    • B.S. Agriculture (Honors), Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India, June 2005 
      Elective Subject: Soil Science

  • Publications