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North Florida Research And Education Center

North Florida Research And Education Center

Florida Peanut Team

The Florida Peanut Team is a group of UF-IFAS Extension Specialists, Regional Specialized Agents, and County Agents from across the Florida Panhandle and North Florida who work together to provide educational opportunities and materials for County Agents related to peanut production in Florida.  It is our goal to improve the productivity and profitability of Florida peanut farmers.  The information posted on this webpage is intended to assist peanut farmers with making research-based decisions in their peanut farming operations..

Peanut Rx Risk Analysis Calculator And Field Tool Links

Resources and Contacts

TopicInformation ProvidedDownloadable File(s) or link(s)
Management and Cultural Practices for Peanut An article covering the basics of peanut production for Florida Peanut Production Guide
Variety Performance Four Tables summarizing peanut variety performance in Florida over a three year period  2018-2020 UF-IFAS Peanut Variety Performance
Peanut Certified Seed Availability 2021 Availability of peanut variety seed from six peanut seed suppliers in the southeastern USA Peanut certified seed avalability 2021
Variety Performance Videos Closing the gap between yield potential and acheived yield.  A focus on Peanut Variety Part One ; Part Two ; Part Three
Nematode Management An EDIS article detailing plant parasitic nematode control in peanut Click here to view
Weed Management An EDIS article summarizing weed management options in peanut and listing the major herbicides for peanut in Florida

Click here to view

Weed Identification Common names, scientific names and pictures of weeds that are common in agronomic crops including peanut

Click here to view

Herbicide Injury on Peanut An EDIS article with descriptions and pictures of herbicide injury on peanut

Click here to view

Calcium Fertilization A Panhandle Ag e-News article covering the importance of calcium fertilization fro peanut production Click here to view 
Disease Management The 2020 Peanut Rx  2020 Peanut Rx Disease Risk Index
Disease Risk Calculator    An Excel spreadsheet calculator for peanut disease risk based on the 2020 Peanut Rx Peanut Rx Risk Calculator
Fungicides for disease management Beginning on page 49, this publication has an excellent summary of peanut fungicides Click here to View
Disease Symptoms Descriptions and photographs of common peanut diseases that occur in North Carolina with most occuring in Florida as well Click here to view
Insect Pest management Document from Clemson University detailing peanut insect pests and insecticides used for control Click here to view
Images of insect pests of Florida crops Pictures of crop pests from the "Featured Creature" website of UF-IFAS Entomology

Click here to view OR for list by insect common name: Click here to view

Lesser Cornstalk Borer A Panhandle Ag e-News article with overview of LSCB symptoms and control Click here to view
Peanut Maturity An EDIS article detailing the process and importance of proper determination of peanut maturity Click here to view

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